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Step one:

a) In order to play you need to have interlude client (if you have it move on to step two)

b) If you do not have the client use this LINK. Or torrent client download on this LINK.

Step two:

Download our System files and animation,textures etc. and extract them in your lineage 2 directory.

server files For direct download use this: LINK.

Quick solutions:

a) If you have windows 10 and still cannot connect download this LINK and put in your system

b) If you have problem extracting the files try using different tools such as : 7-Zip,Zipware,WinRAR,RarZilla,etc.

c) If you get critical error or get critical error in login. Delete your lineage 2 files and install fresh copy of interlude client and place our system files inside

In case you cannot find soltuion to your problem contact us at our Facebook Page or via e-mail l2crysis@yahoo.com


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